The Data

On this page, you can find the raw data used for the Thunder Bay Vehicle Collisions with Pedestrians/Cyclists.   Also you may find links to additional information from other sources on collisions.


This information is collected from the

Thunder Bay Police Service,

News/Media Organizations and other sources

Thank you to those that have provided information!


Pedestrian Collision Data


Cyclist collision Data






A single fatality could cost more than $100,000 and impact, families, friends, businesses, and emergency services within the city.



In the United States the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA) motor vehicle traffic crash data in 2010 indicated that collisions had an economic impact of $242 billion.

What is the cost for the Thunder Bay taxpayer? Maybe a good example can already be found in Canada.  Capital Region in Alberta completed an update to their Collision Cost Study with data collected in 2017.  This study does not highlight interactions exclusively with pedestrians or cyclists however on page 10 it does provide a picture of the direct costs of collision fatalities, major injuries and minor injuries.

How can we reduce collisions in our city and instead use this taxpayer money differently?